Who ?

Unable to listen,

Listen to our children,

Our vulnerable,

Our poor,

Unable to include

The disadvantaged,

The marginalised

The other …

We vote

Drawing up the drawbridge,

Putting up the barriers,

Rejecting love,

And by rejecting love

Embracing hate…




In favour of rejection…


Is this

Really who we are?


Who am I?

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Do you see/ hear me?

Do you hear me?

Do you hear what I am saying,

what I am asking,

what I am hearing

when you speak….

do you understand

what I call love.

is what I call love

what you call love?


If I look you in the eye

do you see me

do you see me,

do I see you?


Do you feel me.

feel my presence,

my aura, my energy…?


Do you hear,




my beauty cannot be denied


my beauty cannot be denied,

though you try….



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Come, make a way : advent day 10

In the chaos,

the confusion,

the darkness

of despair,

yet filled with hope,

we cry out,

make a way,

but let it be your way,

your way of peace

your way of joy,

your way of love

and light, and life…

we need your way

for our hearts and minds,

your way

in our ways,

your love to cast out fear,

flowing as a,stream

in the desert,


through the dullness

of our hearts,

rising as music

inviting us to dance

in the unforced rhythms

of your heart beat… so,

make a way,

draw us, make a way

for us…

where we see no way

come make a way..

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Help me (a prayer )

help me to fall

into the deathless

depths of you,

where light and dark

are one, where I am

found in the losing and loosing

of my finite being


help me to break free

from smallness,

from false boundaries,

from self centered

decisions and divisions

that seperate me

from my soul


help me

to move beyond control

into the eternal dance of

love and life and light,

where grace abounds,

where healing

becomes more than


and I become myself

in you


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A possibility: advent, Days 8 &9

this season of dark,

brings disorientation,

waking, sleeping,

sleeping, waking

celebration mixed

with mourning,

when Christmas too early

denying hunger

denying emptiness

denying sorrow in our souls,

demands smiles

demands laughter,

masking reality

with frivolity

that never satisfies….


yet, advent, calls

don’t bring Christmas too early,


wait to celebrate,

new life,

for new life

begins in the dark…

a seed

a spark,

a possibility …

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Rebirthed: Advent day 7- add your own punctuation….

into the night of our confusion

a song breaks through

the dark

seeping into the corners and crevices

of our experience

finding a reflection

a shadow





the melody challenges



and creeps into our bones

until they take on the song

and new life springs up

from joint

and marrow

calling flesh


breathe anew

we are


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Light meets the dark, advent- day 6

“I have learned things in the dark that I could never have learned in the light, things that have saved my life over and over again, so that there is really only one logical conclusion. I need darkness as much as I need light.”

“…new life starts in the dark. Whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark.”

Both quotes from Barbara Brown Taylor- “Learning to walk in the dark”

Advent offers us these themes over and over again, of light and darkness, darkness and light, as often seems to be the case my advent season is peppered with a mixture of celebration and sadness, I have funerals to lead, difficult conversations to have, Carol Services, The Big Sing ( an event I love), a mix of light meets that dark reality.

Light meets the dark reality, surely this is our reality, we live between the now and the not yet, what is and what is to come…

We live between the black and white, we are the grey, the questions, the doubts, the concerns. the ponderings…

Is this right, is that true

Is this just, is this really fair, the right way forward…

is it?

Could it be?

We walk a tangled path through these days, not just what we believe is true, but questions of how we should live, of how we should be, of what we should be letting go of…

New life begins in the dark…

today I have net light and dark….

hope and despair…

I can only pray…

O Come, O come….

light me, love me,

gift me, guide me..

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