Into mystery….

How do I believe,  no,

how do I name you,

in these days when

Father, Son and Spirit seem inadequate

at best,

I find I can no longer contain you to

a binary, patriarchal world-view

where control, not freedom,

is the name of the game,

where diversity is at  tolerated

and managed….


I need new words,

new ways to speak,

where  male and female,

slave and free

Jew and Greek,

Gay and Straight,

and so many more

are celebrated as in your image…


I find I am called

beyond boundaries and barriers….


O that I could speak aloud

the language of lovers,

yet you call me deeper still,

beyond my stumbling attempts at definition,

into a silent knowing,

where I am fully known,

and I know fullness,

and all are fully known

in your embrace…


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How Long? ( a lament)

Eternal One,

hear our prayer,

hear our complaint,

receive our broken, bruised,

yet again wounded hearts,

our battered souls,

our rejected bodies,

hear our frustration,

our anger,

our pain,

and the tears

and the groans

that will not stop!

why are we denied,

why cast out,


why must we wait, and wait,

and wait again,

how long?

how long

must we groan in this desert land

longing for water?


O come

 be the comfort in our grief,

be the strength in our song,

be the grit in our resolve,

and help us to be in you

that bearing our wounds

as Christ does,

we will rise….


how long?

how long?

how long?

we are so tired,

how long?



With thanks to Ric Stott for permission to use this image of the Queer Pieta.

IPrints available here:



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stands me exposed,

and I long to clothe


in the approval

of those whose

affirmations gives me

a mask

to present to the world,

so I look for favour

rather than looking within

where I will encounter

my smallness

and my potential

in equal measure….


I know

I am called

to hold them in tension,

to offer them as gift,

but now they both seem

too fragile

to stand,

so instead I hide….



yet long for

the light!



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Go ( let go)…

Go then, to the lowest,

and the least,

go without fear,

not looking for favour,

go, being prepared to give,

of who you are,

to share

all you have received,

go in love

clinging to nothing

but love,

holding nothing back,

dare to give yourself,

even to the fall,

to death,

for there lies the way of life….



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on plates…. ( for those who have ears to hear)

let them drop,

fall, crash,

even break,

and do not fear,

then in the ensuing silence,

after the chaos and the crashing

seek the still small voice

the voice of love…

your task is not

to keep the show on the road,

but to listen,

to follow, and to

discern the Spirit’s call….


so let them drop



and do not fear…


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Oh that I could be one

with the ocean

and the air,

running free

over hills,

down valleys,

breathing in the sharp salty sting,

where the sea meets the shore,

then flying with it

over the continents,

across the islands,

singing and laughing,

crying and howling,

with the pleasure and pain

of it all….


Oh that we could be one,

mind, body and spirit,

connected, no more than connected,

exuberant and free,

that I could catch your hearts beat,

until my heart was your heart,

my soul, your soul,

my mind, your mind,

wrapped in a glorious whole

of love and life

in fullness….


I long for a lightness of being,

not disconnected from the pain

of the world,

but knowing that

this too will pass,

seeking for wholeness,

for peace in the darkness,

for healing beyond perfections

seductive grasp….


there is more

always more…



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Speaking out…. we all can!!!

girl-looking-in-mirrorThe world we live in has always been a challenging place, it has areas of great and sometimes terrifying beauty, views and vistas that can literally take your breath away. It can be full of love and compassion, a place where people care for the earth, for creation and one another, but, I fear that more and more this is no longer the case. The rise in hate crime is marked, racism, sesism, homophobia, are rife, the creation of an underclass in this country (UK), by means of a punishing rather than an enabling benefits system is cruel and unjust.  Nationalism seems to be on the rise too, where once countries were looking to join in a quest for the common good, there is breakdown, just look at Brexit, and the fighting and wrangling there, exposing our selfishness and greed. Then there is more horror as we watch the Trump administration taking children from their parents and locking them in cages! There are no excuses or explanations that make this a good thing!!!

I, like many watch all of this from a distance, the news comes to me via my TV screen or Social Media, I drive to an appointment through beautiful scenery hearing of unspeakable horrors via the radio, a radio that I can easily tune out, a TV that I can switch off, and Social Media that I can ignore. I can easily get caught up in the grass that needs mowing, or a meal that needs making, or a meeting that needs preparation and fill my life with many things cushioning me from the horrible reality that many face, that many face EVERYDAY, EVERY MOMENT!

This morning, as I watch and think through all of this I am struck by how powerless I feel, and there is a temptation to say that there is nothing I can do, but the weight of it feels too great. The US/ Trump Administration are now saying that they are withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council, to state that human rights abusers continue to serve on and be elected to the Human Rights Council whilst being happy to lock thousands of children in cages is surely a contradiction! If we cannot see that, and if those speaking those words cannot see that then the system we inhabit is surely badly broken!

This time last year I shared an anonymous quote of Facebook, it stated simply ” I screamed at God for the starving child, until I saw that the starving child was God screaming at me. ” It is time then to hear God again in the cries of the children, to see God in the 16 year old girl who is acting as mother to her frightened companions in the cage where she is being held, teaching them to care for one another. It is time to be with God in cries for justice, and to speak up and speak out even if we feel that our words are not heard. It is time to speak truth to power and to say NO! and to shout THIS MUST STOP, to support those who can make a difference and to keep doing so. Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand and hope that this will pass. Now is not the time to submerge ourselves in a cocoon of busyness and things that numb us from the mirror of horror being held so clearly in front of our faces.

Learn how to write to the American Embassy, talk to your MP, don’t allow the horror to overwhelm you, talk to others, share your concerns, pray, weep, lament, but don’t look away, don’t simply hope that this is a blip, that horrors on a world-wide scale cannot be repeated for surely we have learned that lesson….

Where you can seek to do acts of kindness, mercy and justice, look for peace, and hope, value your neighbour, and the stranger in your midst, be the difference, seek the difference, look to live a life of love. Most of all don’t believe the lie that you cannot make a difference, you can, we all can! WE ALL CAN!


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